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Mythology is to explore the unknown whereas, science is to make use of the known.


Blending both of them is to access our hunches i.e .sixth sense!!So the motive of this website is to experience Dark forces of the brain. Actually, these dark forces operate during our deep sleep state therefore it’s quite hard to experience them! Hence by this website we are making a forum to exchange the knowledge with each other. Under which we promote psiothreptic spin based product because brain is extension of spin .

As a fact, spin is the storehouse of Adrenal gland i.e.motivational hormone  therefore  this site is focused on SPIN and   D N A activation by  accelerating our sperw count gudayanrd.

  • PATH-BREAKING RESEARCH NO. (1): Lord Krishna is reincarnation of Maharishi Bhrigu. My contention is short and clear that Ataman is universal soul, whereas, Jeevaataman is individual soul. And, also, every Jeevaataman is unique e.g. SIM card for a mobile. It is undisputed that our soul is carried forward from birth to birth, same as, we change our cloth.
  • Now, because Maharishi Bhrigu is the only physical son of Lord Brahma, so a genetic link; by the reason of- i.) Uniqueness of every Jeevaataman, ii.) And every Jeevaataman is carried forward. Hence, a link between Maharishi Bhrigu and Lord Krishna cannot be denied. As such, without bearing Jeevaataman of Lord Brahma i.e. – THE GOD SOUL, lord Krishna cannot reincarnate as Jeevaataman. So there is an apparent genetic link. Therefore, I hold this opinion. [But without institutional support I enable to take up this research further more.]


  • PATHBREAKING RESEARCH NO.(2):Our pituitary gland is 5gm size which is filled with 85% fluid i.e. air and water. Hence only substance i.e. matter i.e. the god particle in our body is 15% of remaining 5gm. Therefore it may be the size and weight just like a sim card. In support to this argument I say that since lord JESUS was murdered by breaking his right ribcage. The location of pituitary gland in our body is in the right brain and the source of this gland is dwelling in our heart arteries. It is the group of neurons, who are harmonizing the pituitary gland by extracting the essence from our ribcage. As the ribcage is our ‘compounded organs’. And, also, right ribcage is connected with torso i.e. trunk of the body. Whereas, left side ribcage is to look after our external body. Therefore essence of the body is stored in the right ribcage. So the pituitary gland is ‘nurtured’ from our right ribcage hence the journey of neurons in our body is summed up as dwelling in the heart arteries. Hence this finding!! In furtherance, I cite the theory of”- ‘ aatma’ and ‘jivaatma’-“ as per this theory ‘jivaatma’ is reborn encapsulated with previous memory course. Therefore memory is the essence of our lifespan. Besides this, as they say: the lord in carnet / reborn only in ishwar form.The absolute i.e.nirgun form of the lord is cited as the brahma; referred to as”- ‘ aatma’ whereas,iswar form of lord is cited as ‘jivaatma’. Therefore, I may establish on clinical grounds that the ishwar- the matter form of the lord-have an unique DNA code of the ‘jivaatma’i.e.human being.Further more, in support to strengthen this finding; I cite theory of sage ramanuja- he propagates a saguna, personal god-iswara who has the highest combination of all spiritual and technological knowledge and this intelligence (mechanism) is impossible to breach.



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